Heal on Purpose

by Vision

Why "Heal on Purpose?" Healing is a universal experience. Regardless of race, class, gender, sexual orientation or preference, we all have people or things from which we need to heal. We have been fractured and bruised by people and things we've loved.  We all have had ugly scabs covering gashes and wounds. We've all been stitched and stapled. Healing is what ultimately binds us to each other. You never know who or what can be the antiseptic you need to continue.  Fractures are ugly, painful and constrict your movement. But they heal over time.  Bruises are ugly, hard to hide and constrict your movement.  But they heal over time. Scabs are ugly, hard and fragile. But they are a beautiful experience. They are the progress. This collection of poetry is my proactive and retroactive healing. Some of these poems are experiences I've ignored over the years.  Ignoring a wound does not make it heal. I hope these poems inspire you to find your own healing. The world needs you to heal.