by Brad Baker

Some secrets are meant to be kept, while others are meant to be told…

It’s impossible to go thru life without some guilty feelings and after the tragic loss of his best friend from a fatal car accident for Denver, a young bachelor from Philadelphia, this proves fatal. Denver’s mind is consumed with guilt and constant self-blame for the unfortunate destiny and instead of working through his issues he decides manipulation of the mind is the answer. With, what it seems like to him, his dreams completely shattered and his best friend gone all he has is his money, popularity, and of course the enamored ladies. His “craving” for seducing women suddenly comes to a halt when he meets Mya, a young hairstylist who shows him there is another way to life as she helps pulling him from despair.

Falling in love was easy for Mya and Denver but as they grew together commitment seemed as if it is more than what they had bargained for. Irritated with the direction of their relationship Mya starts to deal with her insecurities as she faces the facts that the man she loves possibly will never change, ultimately forcing her to make a decision at this cross road that may threatened to tear them apart.

While Denver struggles to keep his life from spiraling out of control; Mya begins to question his loyalty and seeks answers. But as the drama ensues someone’s ugly past comes back to haunt them, revealing a chilling secret.