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by Sherille Williams

Struggle comes from understanding the good and the bad. Love is one of the most powerful addictions there is. We seek profound love from others but forget that loving ourselves is a battle in itself. However, what if you’re free spirited? What if love has no gender, has no specific religion, has no filter and you can care less of what people think of you? This book of poetry exposes me in every way. It has helped me to write in feelings of others. I learned that in dating a man or woman, I had to love myself in order to figure out what I wanted from the one I belong with. Making Poetry like this reveals the dead skin I have been wearing heavily.

As a reader it’s up to you to define who you are. Be real and be you even if it hurts like hell. The way you wear your pain will be the realist way you can build your own castle of strength.

The Way I Wear My Pain
The Way I Wear My Pain